Buying a new sofa can be a daunting experience at the best of times. There are so many things to consider, such as the best shape, size and colour for your home, and getting value for money.

Buying your new sofa direct from the manufacturer will not only save you money, but also ensure you end up with the sofa most suited to your needs.

Why buy direct from Charles George?

Product Knowledge

By talking direct to the manufacturer, you get in-depth information directly from the experts. Much of the true value of a sofa is hidden beneath the covering, so it is crucial to get reliable information about the frame and springing. Most of our upholstery experts have been with us since we started in 1986 and apply their product knowledge to every part of your sofa to guarantee consistently high quality standards.

All our staff can give you exact details on the product and also advise on what fillings are best suited to your comfort requirements. And in the unlikely event that something goes wrong and you need after sales advice, they are the go to people to put things right.

Great Savings

We all want the best deal possible and buying direct from the manufacturer is a sure way of getting value for money. When you buy direct, you effectively pay trade price free from retail overheads, such as shop rent and salesman commission. You also bypass the retailer's profit margin. With no retail middleman to factor in and no store overheads to cover, the savings get passed straight onto you.

Quicker Delivery

It is a sad reflection of the times that much of what is sold in furniture stores these days is made abroad. Most retailers have opted to supply cheap inferior products from Eastern Europe or East Asia rather than well-made British upholstery. As well as compromising quality, it can take up to 12 weeks for furniture to arrive from abroad.

If you want a quicker delivery then choose a British sofa manufacturer. Sofas can be specified to your exact requirements and manufactured and delivered direct to your living room, usually in less than 6 weeks.

Extra Guarantees

Buying your sofa direct gives you added guarantees, the most important of which is being able to try out your new furniture in your living room without risk. Buying from a retailer allows you to try out their goods in a showroom, but this can never give you a true feeling of how your new furniture is going to look and feel in your home.

We at Charles George offer a no risk home trial guarantee. This can be as much as 21 days and gives you the opportunity to try out the furniture in the place that truly matters. If it's not suitable, we will exchange to a different model, size, shape or colour; or offer a collection and full refund.

Environmental Advantages

We take responsibility for the sustainability of the material we buy and the products we sell. Knowing where and how our sofas are made and ensuring materials have been sourced responsibly is our mission. Talk to us about the origin of our hardwood for your sofa frame, for example, and we'll be able to tell you where it comes from. We are keen to source all our goods locally from British manufacturers which is far more environmentally friendly than imported products from unknown origins.

Friendly Family Business

Charles George is an independent family run upholstery maker founded in 1986 (as Kirkdale Fine Furniture). We have a highly skilled team of upholsterers, fabric cutters and sewing machinists many of whom have been with us since we began 25 years ago. Our upholstery workshop is located in the beautiful Gwent Valley below our extensive workshop showroom. With generations of upholstery experience, designing and making beautiful British-made sofas and chairs we hope that you will find your perfect sofas amongst our beautiful range of designs and fabrics.